Pro Tips From Plumbing Contractor on How to Prevent Plumbing Issues

Common Plumbing Issues for Rental Properties

A rental property frequently has plumbing problems. Landlords may control the situation by being aware of the most frequent problems and how to safeguard their property. As a professional in the plumbing industry, a plumbing contractor will provide some advice on how to preserve your investment property and try to prevent these problems.

Leaking or Dripping Water

Leaking faucets and pipes are a frequent problem in rental properties. Leaks might appear as a continuous stream of water, or they can be less obvious, like a dripping faucet. It’s critical for you, the landlord, to guard against any damage to your investment property. Be proactive and arrange for a licensed plumber to inspect your fixtures as part of routine plumbing maintenance so that you can try to detect leaks early on before they start causing damage. Another piece of advice is to advise your tenant of the locations of the main shutoff valve for the house and the shutoff valves for your fixtures.

Running Toilets

Another typical plumbing problem that landlords frequently experience is constantly running toilets. Even a seemingly unimportant problem, like a running toilet, can cause landlords and tenants greater frustration. Water is wasted in the thousands of liters per flush of a toilet. If not fixed, you or the tenant can be stuck with a high water bill. This could result in an upset tenant expecting you to fix the problem immediately, giving you, the landlord, a hassle.

Clog Drains

Landlords must let tenants know what should and shouldn’t go down tenants’ drains. By that, we specifically mean the kitchen and bathroom drains. Food waste such as grease, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more are advised not to be dumped down the kitchen drain line and should instead be disposed of in the trash. This lessens the risk of a clogged kitchen drain or jammed garbage disposal. Reminding your tenants only to flush toilet paper down the drain is important.

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