Water Heater Problems With Plumbing Contractor

Get Your Water Heater Check

If your current water heater is not as efficient as it once was, it could be causing a few problems. It may not be heating as effectively as it once did, and that could be because it just isn’t heating the water as efficiently as it once was. Below are the signs you need to replace it. If you observe any of these signs, then your water heater may need to call a plumbing contractor.

Your water heater is old

If you’re already looking for a good date for the water heater, then you might as well replace it! If the age of your water heater exceeds 10 years old, then you should start looking for a replacement. Most reputable plumbers highly recommend that you replace your water heater every ten years. It’s because water heaters are put through wear and tear as they age and need to be replaced sooner rather than later to avoid any damage.

You’re paying more for energy

If you’re already seeing a difference in your energy bills, then you should start suspecting that your water heater isn’t doing its job as well as it once did. If you’re already paying more for your energy bills, then it’s time to get a new water heater! It could be because it’s heating your water too slowly and it’s taking longer for the water to warm up, which means that it’s heating the water in pieces and the entire process is taking longer than it should.

You’re getting a lot of drain water

If you’ve noticed a lot of drain water on your floor after using the bathroom or taking a shower, then you should start suspecting that your water heater isn’t heating the water as efficiently as it once did. It’s because it’s not heating the water as effectively and efficiently as it once was, which means that it’s wasting energy in the process, giving you more drain water than what’s necessary.

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